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Choosing the right high school

My daughter is really smart, and we have a few options on where we can send her for high school. We want to find somewhere that is a good fit for her socially and emotionally as well as academically as high school can be such a challenging time. This blog has some of the tips that we have picked up from our search for the perfect high school and some of the conversations we've had with teachers and other parents. It's an important choice, and we want to get it right. This blog is for the parents of kids about to go into high school.

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Drive Safely: Aggressive Behaviour You Should Avoid To Minimise Road Accidents

Road accidents are caused by several factors such as car equipment failure, bad conditions on the road and the design of the roadway. In some cases, the driver's behaviour is to blame when accidents do happen. Therefore, you need to be aware of these tendencies and the danger they pose to you and other road users. If you have just passed your driving test, you may be exhibiting one or more of these behaviours without knowing the dangers associated with it. Here is some of the aggressive behaviour that you should avoid as a newbie driver:


You need to maintain a safe following distance when you are driving behind another vehicle.  If you fail to do so, then you are tailgating. Rear end collisions can easily occur when you drive too close behind other vehicles. This is because you will not have enough time to break in case the vehicle ahead of you brakes suddenly. Even when you are in a hurry, do not drive too close to other vehicles, especially when you are eager to overtake them.

Excessive Speed

You should pay attention to speed limits on all sections of the road. Particularly, you are prone to ignore them in road sections where you are certain that your speed is not actively being monitored. However, you should not disregard any speed limits because the road can may have unprecedented situations that elevate the risk of an accident. For instance, wild animals may be crossing the road unpredictably.

Misusing Special Purpose Lanes

Special purpose lanes are set aside for specific road users. You should use the lane if the vehicle you are driving fits the description of the vehicles allocated to that lane. Moreover, avoid aggressive behaviour where you use the lanes to bypass other vehicles during traffic snarl-ups or for purposes other than that for which the lane is reserved. For instance, do not use a bicycle lane to park your car just because there is available space. Even though you might get away with such behaviour, you endanger the lives of other road users who do not anticipate running into vehicles parked on such lanes.

Disregarding Traffic Controls

The aim of having traffic controls on the road is maintain order and keep the roads safe for all users. They range from computerised traffic lights to traffic police officers who direct traffic on the road. You should not disregard the signals and directives given by such traffic controls. For example, don't bypass traffic lights just because the road seems clear and safe to drive on.