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Choosing the right high school

My daughter is really smart, and we have a few options on where we can send her for high school. We want to find somewhere that is a good fit for her socially and emotionally as well as academically as high school can be such a challenging time. This blog has some of the tips that we have picked up from our search for the perfect high school and some of the conversations we've had with teachers and other parents. It's an important choice, and we want to get it right. This blog is for the parents of kids about to go into high school.

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One of the important factors in long-term career s


Developing leadership skills in school students

One of the important factors in long-term career success is having leadership skills. Many parents are eager to find a school that can help their child develop these leadership skills. However, these skills are not easily measurable and do not show up on league tables. Here are some things to look for when considering different schools for their ability to develop leadership skills.  Strong sports program One of the common places that people get to develop leadership skills and learn how to motivate a team is in sports. Read More 

Speech Therapy: When Does Your Child Need It?

Before you assume that your child is having developmental problems, you should keep in mind that all children will progress at a different pace. Nevertheless, you will find that some children may show significant differences when compared to their peers. It then becomes a tough call to know whether your child is simply developing at their own pace or if they do require professional assistance to help them catch up. One of the aspects that may show significant differences between one child and the next is speech. Read More 

How to Ace Your Forklift Practical Test

All the hours that you spent undergoing forklift licence training may be of little value in case you make a mistake that leads you to fail your practical test as a prospective forklift operator. This article discusses some suggestions that you should keep in mind so that you avoid failing that practical test at the end of your forklift-operator training. Maintain a Clear Line of Sight Your instructor is likely to ask you to move several packages from one location to another during your practical test. Read More 

Tips on How to Get Your Child Admitted to a Private School

Getting your child to be admitted to a particular private school can be a frustrating and exhausting process. The child may pass all the test scores, get recommendations, and sail through the interview smoothly, only to have the application rejected. Why is this? A private school does not have to accept your child, and they do not have to give you the reasons for the rejection either. As a parent, you may not be able to influence the system. Read More 

Drive Safely: Aggressive Behaviour You Should Avoid To Minimise Road Accidents

Road accidents are caused by several factors such as car equipment failure, bad conditions on the road and the design of the roadway. In some cases, the driver's behaviour is to blame when accidents do happen. Therefore, you need to be aware of these tendencies and the danger they pose to you and other road users. If you have just passed your driving test, you may be exhibiting one or more of these behaviours without knowing the dangers associated with it. Read More