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Choosing the right high school

My daughter is really smart, and we have a few options on where we can send her for high school. We want to find somewhere that is a good fit for her socially and emotionally as well as academically as high school can be such a challenging time. This blog has some of the tips that we have picked up from our search for the perfect high school and some of the conversations we've had with teachers and other parents. It's an important choice, and we want to get it right. This blog is for the parents of kids about to go into high school.

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How to Ace Your Forklift Practical Test

All the hours that you spent undergoing forklift licence training may be of little value in case you make a mistake that leads you to fail your practical test as a prospective forklift operator. This article discusses some suggestions that you should keep in mind so that you avoid failing that practical test at the end of your forklift-operator training.

Maintain a Clear Line of Sight

Your instructor is likely to ask you to move several packages from one location to another during your practical test. Don't be tempted to carry several packages at once if that load will inhibit your ability to see clearly around and in front of the forklift. Obscured vision can be potentially fatal in case someone wanders into the path of the forklift at the time when you are not seeing clearly. Only carry a load that can't block your view partially or wholly. It may even be safer for you to drive in reverse in case the dimensions of a given load compromise your view as you drive forwards.

Stick to Speed Limits

Forklift manuals usually specify how fast a give forklift can be driven when it is loaded. Similarly, speed limits may be posted at different points in the work zone. Don't over-speed as you try to impress your instructor that you can complete a given task quickly. It is harder for you to react to safety hazards when you are driving the forklift at a high speed. The load may also become unbalanced and cause the forklift to tip over if you drive fast. You are therefore more likely to impress your instructor if you drive at the slowest speed possible in order to deliver the load safely.

Use Signal Lights

The practical test may also be intended to test whether you have formed the right habits that are expected in a forklift operator. The instructor may therefore test you by asking you to drive the forklift in a location where no other traffic exists. He or she may then observe how you operate in such situations. Impress the instructor by using the signal lights when you are turning the forklift even if no other forklift or personnel are present. Those lights usually help to avert any potential accidents by alerting other operators or pedestrians that you are about to change direction as you drive the forklift. This allows them to take the right steps to allow you to continue without putting anyone at risk.

You will increase your likelihood of passing the forklift practical test if you exercise caution in everything that you do during that test. Ask experienced forklift operators for extra tips before you undergo the forklift licence practical test. That advice will give you more confidence to show that the training has helped you to become a competent forklift operator.